News & events

All events/meetings which will take place during this project can be found here.

Project meetings

FLEXCHX Working Group & 2nd Consortium Meetings
17-18 September 2018, Espoo, Finland  
VTT hosted the Working Group and 2nd Consortium Meetings at VTT Bioruukki, Espoo. Meetings were an important opportunity to disseminate project results and to discuss new ideas among the partners. The participants visited the Large Research Infrastructure at VTT Bioruukki test hall. In FLEXCHX project, the SXB gasification process will be developed and tested at the pressurized pilot plant. The existing pilot gasifier is currently adapted for the experiments to provide results.

FLEXCHX Kick-off Meeting
2 March 2018, Brussels Belgium
- Kick-off Meeting with Project Officer Mr. Daniel Maraver de Lemus, European Commission (EU).

Conferences, workshops

4th Scientific SCI Meeting - Integrated Energy
20-21 September 2018, Location: DLR Stuttgart, Germany FLEXCHX Project: “Flexible combined production of power, heat and transport fuels from renewable energy sources” was presented by DLR at Scientific SCI Meeting. The presentation is available here.

H2020 Contractor’s Workshop - Biofuels and Alternative Fuels project
7 June 2018, Brussels Belgium 
The meeting gathered together the beneficiaries of on-going H2020 RIA and IA projects on biofuels and alternative fuels.

Horizon 2020 Workshop on Bioenergy, Advanced Biofuels and Renewable fuels
10-11 April 2018, Brussels Belgium
- VTT participated as a project coordinator.

Gasification 2018, ACI’s 7th Annual Gasification Summit
28-29 March 2018, Frankfurt Germany
- VTT participated with an oral presentation


FLEXCHX Meetings on 17-18 Sept. 2018 at VTT Bioruukki, Finland (click photo to enlarge).