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EUBCE2019 - 27th  European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

The FLEXCHX project was presented at the 27th  European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE 2019 Conference) on 27-30th May 2019 in Lisbon (Portugal) by oral presentations:

FLEXCHX poster has been presented by Nerijus Striūgas, LEI during the EUBCE 2019, download here. VTT participated also in the side event of EUBCE Paving the way towards clean energy and fuels in Europe - Talks with research, industry and EU Member States on bioenergy, advanced biofuels and renewable fuels” on 29th May 2019 in Lisbon.

EUBCE 2019 Proceedings

Title: Flexible Hybrid Process for Combined Production of Heat, Power and Renewable Feedstock for Refineries
Authors: Kurkela, E., Tuomi, S., Kurkela, M., Hiltunen, I.

Title: Integration of Waste Heat Streams into Industrial CHPs or District Heating Units
Authors: Skvorčinskienė, R., Striūgas, N., Kurkela, E., Bakas, R., Radinas, M.


Successful FLEXCHX Workshop in Lithuania!

On April 3, 2019, FLEXCHX held a well-attended industrial thematic workshop “Highly Flexible Combined Heat, Power and Transport Fuel Production – Prospective Technology in our Energy Future” in Kaunas, Lithuania. The Workshop was organized by Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI), VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Enerstena UAB and Kauno energija AB. The workshop was opened by director Dr. Sigitas Rimkevičius from LEI. The welcome speeches were given by Lithuanian Energy Minister Žygimantas Vaičiūnas and Member of the Seimas, Chair for Commission for Energy and Sustainable Development, Virgilijus Poderys. The workshop included presentations from project participants as well as from invited speakers representing industries, raw material supply chain, policy makers, environmental organisations and financing bodies.

FLEXCHX project would like to thank all workshop participants for their great interest and participation in the discussions.

See Workshop Programme and Presentations here

See photos of the workshop

H2020 Contractor’s Workshop - Biofuels projects
23-24 May 2019, Brussels Belgium
VTT participated the workshop which indentified ways of finding synergies and collaborations between the on-going EU projects.

ProcessNet “Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgruppe Energieverfahrenstechnik und des Arbeitsausschusses Thermische Energiespeicherung“
6.-7. March 2019 DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
Presented by DLR (programme)

4th Scientific SCI Meeting - Integrated Energy
20-21 September 2018, Location: DLR Stuttgart, Germany FLEXCHX Project: “Flexible combined production of power, heat and transport fuels from renewable energy sources” was presented by DLR at Scientific SCI Meeting. The presentation is available here.

H2020 Contractor’s Workshop - Biofuels and Alternative Fuels project
7 June 2018, Brussels Belgium 
The meeting gathered together the beneficiaries of on-going H2020 RIA and IA projects on biofuels and alternative fuels.

Horizon 2020 Workshop on Bioenergy, Advanced Biofuels and Renewable fuels
10-11 April 2018, Brussels Belgium
- VTT participated as a project coordinator.

Gasification 2018, ACI’s 7th Annual Gasification Summit
28-29 March 2018, Frankfurt Germany
- VTT participated with an oral presentation


Project meetings

1st Review Meeting and 4th Consortium Meeting of FLEXCHX project
The 1st FLEXCHX project Review meeting was successfully held on 13th November 2019 at VTT Bioruukki, Finland. During a half day meeting, the FLEXCHX consortium presented the project’s progress and achievements accomplished from the first 18 months of its implementation. During the Review day, the EC Project Officer, Daniel Maraver, and the participants were extensively informed about project’s work and the accomplishments that have been reached. Finally, the EC project officer thanked the project for the high quality work and encouraged to face the challenges at the end of the second period of FLEXCHX.

In the 4th Consortium Meeting on 13-14 November 2019 at VTT, the project participants were devided into working groups where they collaborated. The meeting included a visit to the VTT’s Piloting Centre Bioruukki.

3rd Consortium Meeting
4 April 2019, Kaunas, Lithuania
The 3rd FLEXCHX Consortium Meeting in Lithuania has been hosted by Lithuanian Energy Institute. Valuable discussions and ideas of the FLEXCHX project after one year of research work.

FLEXCHX Working Group & 2nd Consortium Meetings
17-18 September 2018, Espoo, Finland  
VVTT hosted the Working Group and 2nd Consortium Meetings at VTT Bioruukki, Espoo. Meetings were an important opportunity to disseminate project results and to discuss new ideas among the partners. The participants visited the Large Research Infrastructure at VTT Bioruukki test hall. In FLEXCHX project, the SXB gasification process will be developed and tested at the pressurized pilot plant. The existing pilot gasifier is currently adapted for the experiments to provide results.

FLEXCHX Kick-off Meeting
2 March 2018, Brussels Belgium
- Kick-off Meeting with Project Officer Mr. Daniel Maraver de Lemus, European Commission (EU).


FLEXCHX poster at the EUBCE 2019.

Minister of Energy, Žygimantas Vaičiūnas (Lithuania) opened the FLEXCHX Workshop on 3 April, 2019 in Lithuania (click photo to enlarge).

3rd Consortium Meeting on 4 April 2019 (click photo to enlarge).

FLEXCHX Meetings on 17-18 Sept. 2018 at VTT Bioruukki, Finland (click photo to enlarge).